The Next Generation Platform


In 2016, the University of Illinois at Chicago team worked with the National Institute of Justice to recommend a transition of the Platform, from its development and testing phase to an operational one that could be more aligned with and embraced by the practitioner community without losing its science-based strengths. As a result, the National institute of Justice considered and then awarded funding to the Police Foundation to further develop the Platform and to transition it to an operational applied research tool, beginning in 2017. The Police Foundation, through its own in-kind and direct resources, worked closely with the UIC team in 2016 to initiate the transition and then began planning for the next generation platform with NIJ’s support.

NIJ’s guidance to the Police Foundation is clear - to streamline surveys, create immediate feedback and visualization tools for participating agencies and executives, in a timely, flexible, and practitioner-oriented manner. The priority of the Platform has shifted from improving what we know about police agencies, to first meeting the needs of agency leaders in making data-informed decisions and having a 360 degree view of the policing environment, then delivering benefit to the broader community by improving what we know about policing. 

As the Platform is operationalized, we are expanding the tools available to you, from the original four tools to many, in order to meet your needs. Tools created by our affiliated partners and tools created by the Police Foundation through other initiatives will be available to Platform agencies. For example, the Police Foundation has developed tools related to law enforcement policy development and implementation practices, officer safety and wellness from the line officer’s point of view and executives, shift length, and community policing scales. Our partners have developed unique tools to collect community satisfaction and even sentiment data from the community and other sources. The Platform will leverage this ecosystem of insight tools together with our core tools to provide you with unprecedented insights into your agency, your organization and your community. 

The Police Foundation is actively seeking additional funding to expand the Platform and its tools, our partner network, and to further the areas of support we can provide to law enforcement agencies and communities through the Platform. 

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