National Advisory Board and NIJ Monitor

National Advisory Board


The national advisory board will provide guidance to the Platform’s research team at various points in Phase 2. Initially, an executive committee provided input on survey instruments and the overall methodology. This group also assisted in recruiting participating agencies and identifying persons to serve on the national advisory board. The full national advisory board is comprised of police chiefs and sheriffs who have distinguished themselves as national leaders and experts in the law enforcement field. The board members are expected to advise the Platform staff and research team in the following ways:

  • Provide guidance on how to interpret particular national findings in light of current trends and practices in law enforcement
  • Assist in translating the research findings into practice (i.e., what are the practical implications for leadership styles, training, supervision, and policy at the local level?)
  • Recommend ways that chiefs and sheriffs can use the findings in a positive way to bring about internal change, respond to media inquiries, and build public trust
  • Provide ad hoc advice as questions pop up and expert opinion is needed
  • Provide insights and recommendations regarding the future direction of the Platform

The executive committee will meet once a year. Because of budgetary constraints, however, the full advisory board will only be convened via conference calls, emails, or at national conferences.

Board Chair

  • Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Department, PA*

Current Members

  • Chief Charlie Beck, Los Angeles Police Department, CA*
  • President Jim Bueermann, Police Foundation, DC*
  • Chief Jane Castor, Tampa Police Department, FL
  • Commissioner Robert Haas, Cambridge Police Department, MA
  • Former Chief Ellen Hanson, Lenexa Police Department, KS*
  • Chief Janee Harteau, Minneapolis Police Department, MN
  • Superintendent Garry McCarthy, Chicago Police Department, IL
  • Chief Charles McClelland, Houston Police Department, TX
  • Sheriff Grayson Robinson, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, CO*
  • Chief Ronal Serpas, New Orleans Police Department, LA
  • Chief Patrick Stallings, Seagoville Police Department, TX
  • Executive Director Darrel Stephens, Major Cities Chiefs Association*
  • Chief Rick Tanksley, Oak Park Police Department, IL*
  • Chief Noble Wray, Madison Police Department, WI
  • Sheriff John Zaruba, DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, IL

*Member of executive committee.

National Institute of Justice Monitor


The National Institute of Justice provides oversight and funding for the National Police Research Platform.

NIJ Monitor

  • Steve Schuetz, Physical Scientist, Office of Science and Technology, Information and Sensor Technology Division (Nation Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice)